Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions approved by Vadodara Property Consultant’s Association

2% Equal amount of sale price as a brokerage charges approved for sale/purchase or partnership Deal.

Equal amount of 1Month Rent/license fee as a brokerage charges approved for lease/rent Deal.

In the case of more than 3 years long term lease broker may charge up to 3 month's rent brokerage charges with prior consent of their client.

Broker may charge again for renew the lease if the client interested to take services for further.

Brokerage charges applicable to both the parties (seller, buyer or owner, tenant) in all circumstances even deal made in broker's absence after show the property or introduction of the parties.

There is no negotiation acceptable in brokerage charges, it is in percentage so automatically negotiate with price.

Total brokerage charges payable at the time of sale deed or lease/rent agreement.

Local reference, photo identity, pass port size photo, permanent residence proof required from tenant to lease / rent deal and also required for police inquiry and verification.

Real Estate Brokers charging brokerage for utilize their knowledge, experience, local network and their infrastructure only, there is never include any additional services or responsibilities.

All the expenses regarding transfer, sale deed, N.A. legal fees, Revenue stamp, zerox copy, advocate and other involved agencies charges etc. shall be born by buyer in case of sale / purchase deal.

All the expenses regarding Lease / Rent Agreement Printing, zerox copy, Notary fees, Revenue stamp, advocate and other involved agencies charges etc. shall be borne by Tenant in case of lease / rent deal.

Real Estate Brokers can be helpful and guide to arrange all revenue records, maps and required agencies etc. but all kind of expenses regarding that shall be borne by buyer if applicable to him or born by property owner if applicable to him.

Real Estate Brokers can be helpful to resolve in case any disputes arise between property owner and buyer/tenant or arise by any other person during the deal.

Brokers entitled to recover Entire expenses of assisting including vehicle arrangement for visit the properties from client.

Inquiry form (available from every reg. member) provided by Vadodara Property Consultants Association is compulsory to fill up and sign before getting services from broker